Leticia’s Surrogacy Story

All Surrogates Go To Heaven

Leticia’s day started off as normal as every other day. She helped her sons get ready for school and also to pack some extra things for their stay at their aunt’s house as she would be away at the hospital for a few days. Her boys were familiar with the routine as their incredible mom helped make the dreams of two other Couples come true in the past few years.

I picked her up at her home and we made small talk all the way to the hospital. We took what seemed like a million pictures with Leticia and her Couple, Leticia and me, anyone passing by….well you get the idea. The excitement for what was to come started to get the best of us. We could hardly stand the anticipation!

When a woman has a C-Section, it is normal that the anesthesiologist meet the patient and discuss the procedure. Normal was definitely the theme of that morning. I’m not sure exactly when it changed, but I do remember clearly that it had a lot to do with our anesthesiologist. She was becoming quite affected by the affection Leticia’s Couple would show her through the window in the OR and by everyone’s reaction when Hugo was born. She had tears in her eyes.

I know firsthand how beautiful this process is and I am moved beyond words when each baby is born to his or her parents. But I have to admit I was surprised by this doctor’s emotional response. She didn’t know any of these people. How could she be so affected? I was somewhat perplexed. As I wandered back and forth between Leticia’s bedside and Hugo’s bedside, she told me that I was the luckiest person on earth to witness such genuine compassion on a regular basis. I immediately agreed with her, of course!

I found this special doctor at Leticia’s bedside before she was going on to her next case. She told Leticia that Heaven has a special place for the kindest and most generous of people and she certainly was going to this special place. She said nothing else, just patted her hand and looked at her for a moment before she left. What was that look? It was the same look that a Mom has when she beams with pride over her children’s accomplishment but it also had a hint of gratitude. She was thanking her for being such a truly good person. How great is that?

Hugo and his family agree that Leticia is truly a gift to all of us. March 16, 2007 is the date Leticia’s third and final surrogacy ended. But the gifts she gave this family and the two Couples before them, will never end. Thank you, Leticia, for sharing your heart and your life with us at Building Families for many beautiful and wonderful years.