2004 Carol’s Corner

Our children. So many things are said; they are our future, they are the leaders of tomorrow, etc. This gives a lot of emphasis on how important they are to society, but if we bring it down a notch or two, what comes to mind? Our children are the source of the most beautiful love any person has ever experienced, they bring so much meaning to their parent’s lives and for many the thought of experiencing that joy of becoming a parent is all they hope and dream about.

I receive calls and e-mails everyday from women who want to consider becoming a Surrogate Mother. Unfortunately they are not all suitable, because as most of you know, there is always a shortage of Surrogate Mothers. Anyway, I almost always receive the same response from them when asked why they want to be a Surrogate Mother. “I love my kids so much that I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I want to help someone achieve parenthood so they too can share in this beautiful experience.”

So, I want to say to the 200+ kids that have been the motivation behind their mother’s generosity of helping a Couple have their family, a huge Thank You on behalf of Building Families, the over 165 babies that have been born through our program and their families. In my article you will see some pictures of just a handful of these special kids.

I also want to take a moment to recognize Building Families’ staff. I have been truly blessed by the people I have around me everyday. Our Egg Donor Program has been growing by leaps and bounds. Ericka created a sturdy foundation for the program before having to take a break to prepare for a shaking of her family foundation; she and Keith are expecting twins any day now! Congratulations to them!! Melissa has taken over and has already made fantastic strides. Way to go Melissa! Our busy bees, Tami & Jay, work in the background recruiting the Egg Donors but we never underestimate their worth. Their work is vital to the success of the program.

Last but not least, there is Chris. Chris has made such a difference during her time with us; words can never sufficiently describe what she has meant to each of us. Yes, unfortunately, the time has come for her departure. She is seeking greener pastures in Missouri, but I have already informed her that she won’t find it there and will be back. Of course, that is my wishful thinking! I know you join me in wishing Chris and her family all of the best and ask God to watch over them always.

Another year has passed. Where does the time go? As parents we ask this on a frequent basis. Our daughter, Jenny, left for college this Fall and Johnny is already in the 11th grade. Johnny has taken Jenny’s job in the office and is doing it very well. I thank all of you that shared your words of wisdom as we have been preparing for our little birdies to leave the nest. I could write a book with all of the great advice I received. But I barely have enough time to write this newsletter, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon!

We at Building Families wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and we look forward to sharing the beautiful New Year with you all.

God Bless,

Carol Weathers