2003 Carol’s Corner

When is the next newsletter?? I hear that quite often. Although I do not write this newsletter often, you can always stay up to date by checking out our website. With the reminders I receive from our webmaster on a regular basis, the website remains a great source for current events in the world of Building Families. Thank you Keith!

As many of you already know, I spent 5 weeks in Spain this past July. It was the best trip ever for myself and my family! Although the sites were incredible, the most memorable moments for us revolved around the time we spent with the families we helped to build. I say we in a very broad sense. We, as in Building Families which includes the professionals and most importantly the Surrogate Mothers. But also “we” as in my husband, John and our kids, Jenny & Johnny. Their support has allowed me to be personally involved in every case that enters our program and together we establish beautiful relationships with many of the new parents of our program.

Our trip began in Madrid where we were so well taken care of by the family of Jaime, Alvaro & Ignacio. They hosted a reunion for the families who lived relatively close to Madrid which was absolutely wonderful. It was amazing to see these kids ranging from 1 to 4 years old and their very, very proud parents. Then Arnau’s parents gave us a car and a map and sent us on our way to visit the rest of Spain. Oh, and a cell phone! Which came in handy when we were lost in the middle of the night. Since Arnau was still getting up at night we didn’t feel too badly calling at 1:00am asking for directions! Haha!
Eventually we made our way to Barcelona where we had another reunion hosted by Arnau’s parents. There were many kids there too ranging from 6 months to almost 6 years old! I thought I was dreaming! Every moment was so wonderful. I want to thank all of the families we visited for hosting myself and my family during our whirlwind visits to your cities. And more than that, I thank you for continuing to share your precious lives with me. Also, the pictures and notes you send throughout the year bring so much joy! Thank you, thank you!

You will see some pictures throughout the newsletter, but to see the many pictures I take, log on to our website at www.buildingfamiliesinc.com

Last but certainly not least. I would like to take a moment to recognize a few persons and say a few words. I have already mentioned my incredible family and how much I appreciate them. I want to also recognize Chris Dacquisto and her exceptional husband, John and their beautiful girls Nicole & Brooke. I know I don’t say how much I appreciate all of you near enough. Although Samantha Wood’s time in our program was brief, in that short time her contributions were significant. Our lives and hearts were touched forever by Samantha, Tristan and their boys Aidan & Kail. Good luck in Virginia! Melissa Lund has been instrumental in the creation of our new Egg Donor Program and maintaining its integrity. Truly this program would not be what it is today without you Melissa! Thank you! Dr. Radojevic, you have my endless gratitude for your constant dedication to not only our Programs but to the support you give to every individual you encounter. I wish to welcome Tami Reyes & Ericka Menor to the Building Families team. Your efforts are so appreciated by every one of us!

This past year has also brought some difficult times to those near and dear to us. We offer our condolences to all those in our program who have suffered a loss this past year and to everyone who has ever lost a loved one. Dr. Dru Carlson was an amazing woman and doctor. She has touched many lives in our program and will never be forgotten. I won’t name any others to preserve their families? privacy, but you know you have the thoughts and prayers of all of us. However, I will name my husband, John and his sister, Marion, as they and their families all suffered a great loss this year. Their dear Mother, Hilda Weathers, passed on to life eternal in February 2003. I pray that they and everyone who has suffered such a great loss find comfort in their faith now and always.

I wish you all a Joyous and Beautiful Holiday Season. God Bless,