Vanesa’s Surrogacy Story

Red Cross

During the Couple’s visit to California, the Intended Mom had a medical complication and without immediate medical assistance she could have become gravely ill. Even before I considered that Vanesa might be their surrogate mom because she had just cleared into the program just days before, I enlisted Vanesa to help me with their medical situation. I needed someone in San Diego who spoke Spanish to help them through the hospital process and Vanesa immediately came to my mind. She dropped everything and took them to UCSD Medical Center where she demanded immediate attention for this woman she didn’t even know. She took such great care of this Couple and after considering their experience thus far, it was so obvious that they would be a perfect match. A bond was formed between them that day as Vanesa gave of herself to help this Intended Mom and it grew even stronger through to the day that Vanesa gave this Couple another wonderful gift, Delia, who was born on November 16, 2003 weighing 6lb 7oz. And their bond is still going strong!