Connie’s Surrogacy Story

A Champion

Connie had so many hurdles to overcome once she decided to be a surrogate mom, I was sure she would quit. I would not have blamed her if she did. But she refused to let anything stop her. She was determined to help a Couple achieve what she and Vince knew was the greatest thing on earth…parenthood!

Her last embryo transfer was given the same odds as the previous…..Little hope. But Connie followed the instructions regardless of the odds and was as surprised as the rest of us when I screamed, ?You?re pregnant!? Then we called the parents to let them know. At this point with each prior attempt, they were disappointed but handled the news well. This time when we called with the positive result, the Mom started crying so hard and hysterically that the Dad thought it was negative again and that she had snapped! As he was embracing her telling her how sorry he was, she between sobs was able to mutter, ?No, no…that’s not it. She’s pregnant, she’s pregnant!?

Although Reagan came a little earlier than we had planned, she arrived as healthy as can be on April 28, 2003 weighing in at a petite 4lb 2oz.