Samantha’s Surrogacy Story

Three’s Company

Chase arrived December 26, 2000 after a fun-filled and exciting 9 months…plus a week! His parents, like many of our other new parents, knew he would not be an only child. Their eagerness to start again overshadowed any doubt that sooner rather than later was what they wanted.

So as Chase was rapidly approaching his ?Terrible Twos?, so was the due date of their twins! November 12, 2002 marked the end of Chase’s only child syndrome, and soon thereafter changed his life forever. He was curious and intrigued at first, but after a while, he was ready for them to go away! Fortunately, he now has taken nicely to his baby brother, Kyle and baby sister, Ella. They weighed in at 6lb 1oz and 6lb 6oz, respectively.

This second pregnancy was quite the media event. I had to call Sam’s ?people? in order to get an appointment to speak with her! No, it wasn’t like that, but we sure enjoyed pretending it was. CNN participated in an embryo transfer and a cameraman followed Samantha for months. That was totally tolerable because he also brought along a hair and makeup person! The day after the delivery, CNN and the local television news in San Diego came by the hospital for more interviews. Then we wrapped up with a story for Ladies Home Journal that will be the feature story in their May 2003 issue. Wow, do these kids have agents yet??