Chandra’s Surrogacy Story

World’s Longest Pregnancy

Chandra’s pregnancy wasn’t really that long, but it sure seemed that way. Unfortunately, from nearly the beginning, this pregnancy was complicated. The chances of miscarriage were so great and until we got closer to the delivery date, the final outcome was uncertain. Every appointment we were more hopeful that everything would be fine. I remember attending an ultrasound appointment with Chandra and when I saw the baby on the screen and how perfect she was, I just started to cry. I leaped out of my chair and ran over to get a closer look at the screen. As tears streamed down my face, I turned to Chandra and said, “This is what it is all about. Because of all of your efforts, this perfect little baby is looking back at us and is growing bigger and healthier everyday. If a moment comes when you’re feeling discouraged, just remember this image.” As we were hugging and crying, the ultrasound technician asked if I was the baby’s mother. I explained our situation and told him that I was the Mom by Proxy, because I knew if the Mom was able to have been there she would have reacted the same way.

As the delivery date approached, Mom decided to come out earlier than planned as she had a feeling that she should. Her instincts were good, as her baby was born on the day she arrived. But, her flight was due to arrive the evening of March 9 and Charlotte was born that morning weighing 8lb 7oz. So, I, the Mom by Proxy, was there and took care of Charlotte until her Mommy walked through the door and immediately and happily assumed her role. The grandparents were due to arrive later that night and since Charlotte had already made her entrance, the new Mom could not go to pick them up at the airport. Tracy generously offered to go and bring them to the hospital. Not knowing what they looked like, she made a sign and stood at the gate showing it to everyone who came off the airplane. No one responded to the sign. She saw a Couple who she was sure had to be them and kept running to get in front of them and showing them the sign without saying a word. They continuously walked by without acknowledging Tracy. Finally, when they reached the Baggage Claim, Tracy feeling desperate at this point decided to approach this likely Couple. And, of course, it was they and they were so impressed on how Tracy was able to find them that they suggested she become a detective……..McHugh, P.I. Hmmmm