Randi & Shannon were so thrilled to join GC Britney at her 4D Ultrasound last week! Heavenly 3D 4D Baby Ultrasounds in Apple Valley, CA made it such a wonderful experience!

Bio of the Month – July 2023

This bubbly, beautiful, and bright lady is GC Britney! She’s busy living her best life in Southern California with her soulmate, Lestter, and their four children; Aiden, Elijah, Raelyn, and Rhett. She is a personal trainer who is rarely found without a smile on her face and a positive anecdote to share.

When we asked Britney her philosophy on life she said, “Life is a simple, beautiful, yet complicated thing. You are never guaranteed tomorrow, so don’t stress about things you cannot control, laugh always, and love hard. Learn something new every day and go to sleep with a smile on your face. Enjoy every moment, even if it is laundry day and the kids are driving me nuts.” We couldn’t sum it up any better ourselves!

Why surrogacy for Britney? When her younger sisters were beginning to start their families, she was filled with a certainty that she would be a gestational carrier for them if the need was there. It made her realize how much of a blessing to her life and someone else’s surrogacy could be. She is excited to be on this journey and we are so thankful it led her to us! Follow along with her journey on our socials!

Miracle Babe!

Here’s GC Jeanette looking super cute with her 34 week bump-date! Surro-babe is growing nice and strong and everyone is so thrilled about their impending arrival!! We especially can’t wait to see the new parents with their little miracle babe- it’s really the best part.


GC Kim is looking absolutely stunning at 20 weeks pregnant. We couldn’t be more thrilled for her couple on the upcoming arrival of their long awaited bundle of joy! Please send all the positive vibes to them as the go into the second half of pregnancy!!