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Brianna’s Surrogacy Story

Nine pounds, eight ounces. On one hand, that seems like a small amount, but it is enough to change lives forever. One more number, thirty-nine. This weight, a Saturday and, more specifically, a date, March 9, 2024, will forever be remembered by Brianna and her couple as she delivered via C-Section in her 39th week of pregnancy.
In a room filled with love, a very healthy baby boy made his grand entrance into the world. In that amazing moment, amidst tears of gratitude, a new chapter began for all involved. With her selflessness and boundless generosity, Gestational Carrier Brianna had gifted a family their greatest treasure—a beautiful baby boy born into a world overflowing with love and hope.

Crystal’s Surrogacy Story

In bustling birthing rooms all over the world, a tiny cry is a powerful sound to be heard. No matter how many times you hear one, it always feels like the first time. On February 5, 2024, for GC Crystal, the sound brought feelings of relief and the satisfaction of a completed surrogacy journey. Seeing her Intended Mother with the baby that she helped bring into the world was the most beautiful moment!
In the days leading up to her scheduled cesarean, Crystal felt excited, anxious, and nervous. She was originally told that only her husband would be allowed to enter the operating room with her during delivery. Thanks to her amazing doctor, the Intended Mother was able to hear that first cry and receive her baby for immediate skin-to-skin. Crystal was also thankful that the new parents were able to have their own room at the hospital to bond with their baby.
Crystal’s husband was her biggest supporter and we are so grateful to have them both as members of our BFI family!!