#tbt to this awesome post-delivery shot of Case Manager, Shannon and GC, Derek taken almost TWO YEARS ago! Every delivery is special, but this one was especially so for Shannon as she was able to be there as Derek’s support person. We can’t say it enough, but Shannon is one of the major components that makes BFI different! From medical clearance, to match meetings, to FET, to helping with meds, every appointment during the pregnancy, to having all the answers…Shannon literally holds our GC’s hands through every step of their journey. We’re not just saying that- watch the comments on this post! You’ll see GC’s and IP’s alike commenting…we just know it!
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It Takes a Village!

‘It takes a village!’ This phrase has been used countless times to describe parenthood. But what about the parents that need a village to create their family? For many people, the idea is inconceivable…it’s something that happens to someone else. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Infertility doesn’t discriminate. The couples we help every day look just like you. They could be your friends, your family members, or your colleagues. Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, but for many it’s a silent battle. Be kind; be mindful of your words. You never know what someone is going through even if you think you do.

We are so humbled to be a part of your village!

From the top left – Dr. Friedman SDFC, Dr. Moore Anaya Women’s Group, BFI Program Manager Randi, BFI Case Manager Shannon, GC Mickayln.


BABY! It’s so amazing when it works out for a Gestational Carrier to help shower her Intended Parents. It is such a blessing to be able to meet the friends and family who are anxiously awaiting the baby’s arrival!

Rainbow Baby!

“Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds, and the fiercest winds, there is still beauty.” – Katrina Mayer

We are IN LOVE with this gorgeous blanket that GC Mickayln handmade for her Intended Parents.

Baby Snuggles!

We love these updates! Such a sweet photo of Dr. Frederick and the little ones she helped create…we told you…baby snuggles really are the best part of the job!

Amy’s Surrogacy Story

Amy is officially a successful surrogate! Congratulations to her and her intended parents on the completion of a beautiful surrogacy journey. Throughout this journey, Amy has shown her strength and delivery day was no different. When her epidural did not work, she was able to push through (literally) and calmly deliver her surro-babe. Baby girl entered the world midmorning on June 20, 2022. She was a perfectly petite six pounds, five ounces and nineteen inches long. Her parents are in love and seeing them with her for the first time was the highlight of Amy’s journey.

We are in awe of Amy and are so thankful to have had a small part in building this family!