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Kelley’s Surrogacy Story

I lost count how many visits *Jessica & *Josephine's parents made to the USA to visit them and their Surrogate Mother, Kelley, throughout the pregnancy. Eventually, Breann and I joked with them that their travel agent must wonder what is so great in Riverside that they spend so many weekends there. Their little secret became well known on January 16, 2009 when *Jessica and *Josephine were born! I think that Riverside will always hold a special place in these new parent's hearts.

Joleen’s Surrogacy Story

The invitation list was long and the menu was incredible. *Lilly & *Andrew, with the help of their parent’s of course, had us all over for a feast to celebrate their arrival. And to honor their wonderful Surrogate Mom, Joleen and her husband David. They started the New Year with us as they were born on January 1, 2009. Alberto weighed 5lb 14oz and Lola was a petite 5lb 2oz.