My Surrogacy Journey – Randi Caporale

Randi-CaporaleFor me, the idea of becoming a Surrogate Mother happened after my husband, Charlie, and I decided our family was complete. With two boys to raise, Ben & Aiden, we felt we had enough to keep us busy. I am fortunate to have experienced parenting a child whom I adopted and one who came to us the regular way. These experiences showed me that love for your child does not come from the pregnancy or the birthing process. It comes from your heart. It is how I knew I could help someone in this special way and to some degree felt compelled to bring the joy of parenthood to someone less fortunate.

When I brought the idea of surrogacy up to Charlie, of course he thought I was crazy. I explained that I loved being pregnant and was sad to think that I would not have that experience again. Then after sharing information from Building Families with him, he agreed to support me in yet another one of my life’s endeavors. Once we met our first Couple, any hesitation he had vanished. It is hard to explain what happens in that moment when you meet the Couple you are going to help become the family they have dreamed of for so long…For too long. Our bond with this special Couple is still going strong since I delivered their twins in 2007. My surrogacy journey was not over yet though. I was able to also help another Couple complete their family, but one baby at a time! In 2012, their daughter was born and then in 2015, I helped bring her a baby brother.

Now, almost a decade after meeting Carol for the first time, I am now working alongside her and the rest of the BFI team. My role is to educate potential Surrogate Mothers in hopes of them choosing to do surrogacy and sharing their journey with us. My personal experiences were critical in preparing me for this job. And since I can’t be pregnant 24/7, it is fulfilling knowing I still have a hand in building future families!

Randi Caporale is a Surrogate Recruiter for Building Families, Inc. Randi has been a surrogate mother for Building Families, Inc. twice! In 2007, Randi delivered twins for her couple. Still determined to help other couples in need, she returned to bring the joy of a baby brother to another family in 2015.