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Baby Resources for New Parents

Our new parents at Building Families, Inc. are always asking us for our opinions on baby care and baby items. So much so that we decided to curate a list of links and items that we love to recommend to our new parents!

7 Awesome Answers to New Parent Questions

These 7 articles provide a wealth of information that new parents need.

How do I Calm a Fussy Baby?

The prospect of a fussy baby can be frightening to new parents. Fortunately, we found a wonderful article on that provides tips for parents and caregivers.

What Kind of Car Seat Should I get for my Newborn?

Rear-facing? Convertible? 3-in-1? What does this all mean? The authors over at provide tips, definitions and videos that help you decide on the right car seat.

Should I Learn Infant CPR?

Yes. You should learn infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. The American Academy of Pediatrics created this First Aid PDF that includes instructions for infant CPR and other first aid instructions. However, the most effective method of learning is through in-person classes. Search for “in person CPR training near me;” many organization may offer free training.

How do I put a Diaper on my Baby?

Putting a diaper on a giggling, crying, squirming chubby baby is not an obvious task for some. The CDC provides a simple step-by-step PDF guide to this seemingly never-ending task. Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no-time!

How Much or Often Should I Feed my Baby?

Am I feeding her too much? Not enough? She looks too thin/chubby/is always hungry?!? The authors at again provide straightforward feeding guidelines for new parents.

How Often Should I Bathe my Baby?

Bath time is the best! Is there such a thing as too much? provides great tips and guidelines for your baby’s first bath and the many baths afterward.

What Baby Items do I Need?

You’ve got a million different things you want to buy for your baby, but what do you actually need? What are the essentials? Fortunately, there’s a great list for that at

Building Families Recommended Gear

As you can imagine, we see a lot of baby gear in our business! And every year brings in new, fancy, and innovative products to help you on your parenting journey. Below are a list of a few of the things we at Building Families continue to recommend.

Baby Gear

Breast Pumping Essentials

Prenatal Vitamins

Always check with your doctor/OBGYN prior to taking any prenatal vitamins.

Pregnancy Essentials

Products to help you be comfortable and calm during your H&H9.

Children’s Books

These inclusive books cover topics about surrogacy and third-party reproduction.

Additional Resources:

Just some other goodies that anyone can appreciate!

Note: We’re not affiliated with any of these businesses, organizations, or manufacturers, and we don’t control the content on the linked pages. Businesses are constantly changing their websites, so over time the links may change or the content may disappear or change. Please let us know if you find any of that!

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