Breann’s Surrogacy Story

Breann shared a letter with me that she wrote to the baby boy, Vincent, after her delivery.  And now, I am sharing some of it with you:

Dear Vincent,

Some years ago, I met your Mom and Dad when they started their journey to become your parents.  Although you were only an image, a dream, I could tell how they ached to have you in their lives and in their arms.  To say that their journey was riddled with hurdles is an understatement.  But what is important to mention is that even through the hardest times, they still managed to push towards their goal.  They were such a great example of perseverance, that if you truly want it, your dreams do come true.

As I mentioned, I met your parents years before I became the person to help them have you.  About one year ago, a tragedy occurred and I knew I had to help. Without any hesitation, I told your Mom that I would be the one to help bring you into their life.  And a few months later, on January 2, 2013, I was confirmed pregnant with you! I think it was January 10th when we all felt confident that all was well as we saw your tiny fluttering heartbeat.  Of course, the morning sickness that followed over the next weeks helped to reassure us all that you were doing well.  I told your parents to vacation now while they could.  They went to Paris and when I saw the pictures of them, I knew they were truly happy.

At some point, your parents told me your name was to be Vincent.  For some reason, we started calling you Vincenzo.  Maybe because Barry is Italian?  I don’t know!  But it stuck.  When Barry, Shayla, Shawn or I were talking to you, it always started with Vincenzo.   We would tell you how your parents were preparing for your arrival.  Your Dad had read so many books.  There was no parent more prepared than yours!

106-251On July 16th, your parents arrived in San Diego, CA to prepare for your arrival.  It was wonderful that they could come so early before the birth that they could share in the pregnancy and be a part of watching you grow.  On September 2nd, at 5:30am, we met in front of the hospital to prepare for your birthday party!  At 8:00am, you were born.  The doctor lifted you over the curtain so I could see you and you were such a precious sight and such a big boy!  The nurse brought you to me and I gave you a kiss and told you it was time for you to see your Mom & Dad as they have been waiting a long time for you.

The nurse took you to your awaiting parents and my sister, Tracy, was there as well and she shared with me that when you came in to the room, your Mom jumped up and ran to your side.  Your Dad was in such a shock that he needed to sit down briefly.  I expect that this reaction is the first of many to come as they watch you grow into a successful, young man. When I came in the room shortly after, I saw something in your parents that I had never seen before.  It was a parent’s love.  My heart warmed just watching them.

Vincent, please always remember that you have many people who love you and are excited to see you grow.  But none, more than your parents.  Cherish them, as they went through more than you can imagine to have you.


Breann, Barry, Shayla & Shawn