If The Intended Parents Don’t Want The Baby, Will I Be Left With Him?

If the Intended Parents don’t want the baby, will I be left with him?

Absolutely not. The whole reason we have contracts which basically defines the relationships with parties is to make sure that in fact doesn’t happen. If they were to say we don’t want the child, you could potentially sue them to enforce the contract. However, from a practical standpoint, that could be time consuming and rather costly.

But there is a provisional family code, 76.10, that you could avail yourself of, which basically would say this, if they don’t’ want the child, pursuant to that agreement, that’s OK, you as a birth mother would be presumed to be the mother at law and you could then place the children for adoption which would be facilitated in a very quick fashion.
Kevin Mahan, Attorney at Law, Mahan & Mahan