If I’m Interested in being a Surrogate Mother or Intended Parent, what should I look for?

If I’m Interested in being an SM or IP, what should I look for?

That is an interesting and well founded question. What you really need to think about is what your objective is. Your objective if you’re the couple, is to have a child bouncing on your knee at Christmas time. If your objective is to be a surrogate, it’s to provide a gift to someone that they cannot otherwise provide themselves. In the process of doing that, if you don’t go about it the right way, it is an area rocked with traps. What you need to be using if you’re going to do it, first of all you need to have people who have their heads together as far as what they’re going to do and how they are going to do it. The way you get that is dealing with the Psychologist in the process to make sure they are dealing with a surrogate that understand what her responsibilities and obligations are. A couple who understands what their objective is and what entails to get there. You also need to be dealing with a well done, experienced, knowledgeable agency. Trying to do this on your own is rot with conflicts of interest and rot with pitfalls for the steaks. If you’re dealing with a good agency, they can make sure all these things come to play. In the process of doing it, you also need to deal with an experienced lawyer in the area of reproductive law. A lot of lawyers go out and buy a contract and say, I know how to do surrogacy, but if you really aren’t involved in it and don’t understand the conflicts associated with it, don’t understand where the law has been and where it’s going, you can’t adequately service your clients. In the process of doing it, also, you want to make sure you have lawyers on both sides of the party so that the surrogate is well informed as well as the intended parents. In essence what you must have is experienced, well knowledgeable professionals to effect this process for your enjoyment and benefit.
Kevin Mahan, Attorney at Law, Mahan & Mahan