What Makes your Agency Stand Out?

What makes your agency Stand Out?

We have a different philosophy here. We are not driven by money. We don’t make decisions based on money. We want to help people that need help and we want the Surrogate Mothers to be appropriate. Sometimes there is a longer waiting list for a couple because we’re just not finding the right standard in a Surrogate Mother and we are just really careful with that.

We do psychological evaluations for everyone, including the Intended Parents. There is no test to determine what kind of parents they will be. But it tells us if they have the coping skills to weather a surrogate arrangement. Even when things go great it’s still one of the hardest things they will ever have to do. We want to make sure that there is not going to be a breakdown and they are not too fragile to withstand the process. We are pretty much the only agency that does that.

And we find that the Surrogate Mothers appreciate that because we are ensuring that the couples are appropriate. And the couple knowing all the evaluations that we do to ensure that their baby is going to ultimately be safe is greatly appreciative.

I would say that the last thing that would be is the contact that we have with everyone. We are literally available to our Couples and their Surrogate Moms 24/7. We are with them in good times and bad times we don’t leave their side until we all reach our goal together.
Carol Weathers