How did you First Learn about Surrogacy? – Carol Weathers

How did you First Learn about Surrogacy?

Carol Weathers:
I’ve been exposed to infertility pretty much my whole life. I have an older brother whose wife couldn’t have children. And we all went through that with him, with the suffering. But thank God that they eventually did adopt 2 children. That was really good news for us. I got to see early on that bad things happen to good people who are very deserving of having children and it couldn’t happen for them. So that seed had already been planted at that point. I would say that in the mid 80’s I saw a Life magazine article about surrogacy, It didn’t have that name yet, but it was clearly that, it was sister for sister surrogacy and mother to daughter. It was so beautiful and it was then that I knew that this was the best thing ever.